Welcome to the unofficial Armor Games Wiki!

Welcome to the unofficial Armor Games Wiki where anyone can edit.

Armor Games is a popular gaming site which has a large and succesful community.

Praise sectionEdit

The founding of this WikiEdit

This wiki was made by one of the users of, manny6574, who is a game developer, programmer, web developer and a creative person.

I wanted to make something external as an add-on to the fun that (hereby to be referenced as AG) has and just do something exciting. I guess I made this because I was bored, but I really do hope it works out well!

This was founded on the 23 of June 2010, roughly 19:30 in Guildford, UK.


One of the features AG has it it's Community section. It features 4 forum sections, listed from top to bottom: Armor Games, Gaming, The Courtyard and The Forge. Each section has several subforums.

1: Armor GamesEdit

Armorgames is the category featuring the Support and Suggestions board and the Newcomers Board. The support and Suggestions board is meant for all the issues and suggestions.

2: GamingEdit

This category is not only for video games and Flash games. In fact, it's biggest portion is the Forum games section. Games like count to 100 and Rate the above user's fame are posted here. If you're not much of a forum gamer, then you can find yourself a warm welcome in the Video games section or the Flash games section. Or you will find home in the many walkthroughs in the category's 4th board.

3: The CourtyardEdit

One of the busiest places of AG, The Courtyard houses all real-life issues besides art and gaming. The WEPR, or World Events, Politics, Religions, Etc. section houses issues both old and new, to be discussed by fellow forumers. The Popular Media section is for all the music and movie freaks, and the Tavern isn't for getting a nice beer, but to discuss all other things.

4: The forgeEdit

Last but not least is the Forge. This is a place where games are made and art is born! You can ask or help fellow programmers here, or submit your own story or that neat avatar you once made!

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